ERATO-SORST Quantum Computation and Information Project
Seminar 2007

Jan. 13th (Wed.)
Speaker: Dr. Min-Hsiu Hsieh
Title: Entanglement-assisted communication of classical and quantum information

Feb. 19th (Fri.) 14:00-16:00
Speaker: Dr. Mark Wilde (McGill University)
Title:Trade-off capacities of the quantum Hadamard channelsl

Mar. 12th (Fri.) 14:00-16:00
Speaker: Dr. Francesco Buscemi (Nagoya University)
Title:Quantum information theory with finite and/or correlated resources - some recent results

Apr. 9th (Fri.) 14:00-16:00
Speaker: Dr. Min-Hsiu Hsieh (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: The Quantum dynamic capacity formula of a quantum channel.

Apr. 23rd (Fri.) 15:30-17:00
Speaker: Dr. Jun Hasegawa (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Experimental demonstration of fluctuation of imperfect quantum devices on quantum key distribution with intercept-resend attack.

June 18th (Fri.) 13:30-15:00
Speaker: Dr. Chong Kai Yuen(ERATO-SORST QCI Project)

July 23rd(Fri.) 14:00-15:30
Speaker: Dr. Min-Hsiu Hsieh (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Universal coding for transmission of provate information

August 16th(Mon): 15:30-17:30
Speaker: Dr. Min-Hsiu Hsieh (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: NP-hardness of decoding quantum error correction codes

Speaker: Dr. Mark Wilde(McGill University)
Title: Perfect state distinguishability and computational speedups with postselected closed timelike curves

Seminar 2007
Jan. 9th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker:Dr. Francois Le Gall (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title:Quantum and Classical Algorithms for the Group Isomorphism Problem

Feb. 6th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. David Avis (Mc Gill University)
Title: I. The Quantum Locker Problem
II. Complete Account of Randomness in the EPR-Bohm-Bell

March. 13th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Min-Hsiu Hsieh (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title:The Classically-Enhanced Father Protocol

March. 27th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. Andrei Khrennikov (University of Vaxjo, Sweden)
Title:Bell's Inequality: Physics Meets Probability

April 15th(Wed.) 15:00-16:30

Speaker: Dr. Kenji Tsujino (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Entangled photon source and photon detection technologies

July 31th(Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Seiichiro Tani (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Exactly Electing a Unique Leader is not Harder than Computing Symmetric Function
on Anonymous Quantum Networks

August 7th(Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Francois LeGall (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: The Quantum Query Complexity of Certification

October 23rd(Fri.) 13:00-14:30

Speaker: Dr. Tohya Hiroshima (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Enigma of entanglement and the Hilbert's 17th problem

October 30th(Fri.) 15:00-16:30

Speaker: Dr. Seiichiro Tani (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Is quantum dialogue is short?

December 1st(Tues.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Cedric Beny (National University of Singapore)
Title: Conditions for approximate quantum error correction and minimax state discrimination

Seminar 2007

Jan. 23th (Wed.) 15:00-16:30

Speaker:Dr. Yun-Kun Jiang (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title:Experimental Research in ERATO and ERATO-SORST Project

Feb. 4th (Mon.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Damian Markham (Paris University)
Title:Graph States for Quantum Secret Sharing

Feb. 8th (Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Prof. Xiang-Bin Wang (Tsinghua University)
Title: Time-dependent-channel attack and the security of decoy-state quantum key distribution with inexactly controlled source

Feb. 18th (Mon.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Giulio Chiribella (University of Pavia)
Title: Optimal cloning of an undisclosed quantum algorithm

March 21st (Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Kunihiro Kojima (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Atom-photon Phase Flip Operation

May 9th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Mr. Kazuki Yoshizoe (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Proposal for a Large Scale Quantum Computer Simulator using External Storage

May 26th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. Akira Oiwa (University of Tokyo / JST)
Title: Spins and Photons in Electrically-controlled Quantum Dots for Quantum Information Technologies

June 10th (Tues.) 15:00-17:00

Speaker: Prof. Seth Lloyd (MIT)
Title: Quantum Illumination

June 13th (Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Prof. Dagomir Kaszlikowski (National University of Singapore)
Title: Entanglement in Complex Systems

Oct. 8th (Wed.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Buscemi (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Lest we remember a quantum: quantum shredding

Oct. 24th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Francois Le Gall (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: The Communication Complexity of the Subgroup Membership Problem

Nov. 14th (Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Peter Turner (University of Tokyo)
Title: Overcoming time reversal superselection: reference frames and resources

Nov. 25th (Tue.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Troy Lee (Colombia University)
Title: Approximation norms and approximation rank

Dec. 12th (Fri.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Tohya Hiroshima (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Asymptotic Quantum Teleportation to Enable Universal Quantum Processor

Seminar 2007

Jan. 29th (Mon.) 10:30-12:30

Speaker:Prof. Jozef Gruska (Masaryk University, Czech)
Title:From classical cryptography to quantum physics through quantum cryptography

Jan. 19th (Fri.) 13:30-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Koji Maruyama (Riken)
Title:Observing the quantum nonlocality in the state |01>+|10> of a massive particle

Feb. 23rd (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Kiyoshi Tamaki(NTT basic research laboratories)
Title: Unconditional Security of the Bennett 1992 Quantum Key-distribution Scheme with Strong Referece Pulse

Apr. 23rd (Mon.) 16:30-18:00 University of Tokyo

Speaker: Prof. David Bremner (University of New Brunswick)
Title:Facet Generation and Symmetric Triangulation

May. 25th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Buscemi(ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Information Dynamics in Quantum Measurements: an Entropic Approach to the Information-disturbance Tradeoff Problem

Aug. 22nd (Wed.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Masahito Hayashi (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: QKD researches in ERATO and ERATO-SORST QCI Projects

Sep. 8th (Mon.) 14:00-16:00

Speaker: Dr. Akimasa Miyake (University of Innsbruck)
Title: Entanglement Theory for Universality of Measurement-based Computation

Oct. 26th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Seiichiro Tani (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: An Optimal Claw Finding Algorithm and its Generalizations

Nov. 9th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Francois Le Gall (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Sekf-Correcting Quantum Programs

Nov. 30th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Buscemi (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Entanglement measures and approximate quantum error correction

Dec. 12th (Wed.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Dr. Tsuyoshi Ito (NII)
Title: Generalized Tsirelson inequalities, commuting-operator provers, and multi-prover interactive proof systems

Dec. 14th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. Rahul Tripathi (University of South Florida)
Title: Complexity Upper Bounds for Classical Locally Random Reductions Using a Quantum Computational Argument

Dec. 26th (Wed.) 14:00-15:30

Speaker: Prof. David Avis (McGill University)
Title: Distributed Compression and Multiparty Squashed Entanglement

Jan. 14th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Manabu Hagiwara
Title: A construction of LDPC code to make QKD stout

Feb. 24th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Elhama Kashefi
Title: Phase map decompositions for unitaries

March 17th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Tomoyuki Yamakami i
Title: Complexity-Theoretical Quantum List-Decoding

March 24th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Francois Le Gall
Title: Quantum Weakly Nondeterministic Communication Complexity

April 12th (Wed.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. David Avis
Title: A Few Million More Tight Bell Inequalities

April 28th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Xiang-Bin Wang
Title: Quantum Mechanics and Information Security

May 11th(Thur.)-May 12th(Fri.)

Joint meeting of ERATO- SORST QCI Project & NEC Tsukuba Research Laboratory

May 31st (Wed.) 15:30-17:00

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Buscemi
Title: Inverting Quantum Decoherence by Classical Feedback from the Environment

June 23rd (Wed.) 15:00-16:30

Speaker: Dr. Francois Le Gall
Title: Quantum Online Space Complexity

July 7th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Damian Markham
Title: Entanglement and Local access of information

July 12th (Wed.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Tohya Hiroshima
Title: Monogamy Inequality for Distributed Gaussian Entanglement

July 21st (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Rodney Van Meter
Title: Architecture of a Quantum Multicomputer

August 4th (Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Akihisa Tomita
Title: Specification on Quantum Repeaters

August 11th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Akinori Kawachi
Title: General Bounds for Hidden Subgroup Problem

August 25th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Tuyoshi Ito (The University of Tokyo)
Title: Polyhedral and Semidefinite Approaches to Classical and Quantum Bell Inequalities

September 8th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Harumichi Nishimura(Osaka Prefecture University)
Title: Quantum Random Access Coding Does Not Exist
-One qubit is not enough to recover one of four bits-

September 15th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Masahito Hayashi (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Optimal Visible Compression Rate For Mixed States Is Determined By Entanglement Of Purification

September 29th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Yun Kun Jiang (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Off-diagonal Geometric Phase for Mixed States in Experiment of Franson Interferometer

October 24th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Dr. Kunihiro Kojima (ERATO-SORST QCI Project)
Title: Proposal for quantum non demolition measurement of photon arival with an atomcavity system

November 24th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. Michal Horodecki (University of Gdansk)

December 5th(Tues.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. Giacomo Maruro D'Ariano (INFM, Pavia)
Title: Operational Axioms for Quantum Mechanics

December 15th(Fri.) 10:30-12:00

Speaker: Prof. Xiangbin Wang (Tsinghua University)
Title:The decoy-state quantum key distribution with intensity errors of light pulses

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