ERATO-SORST Quantum Computation and Information Project

New Book Released
Quantum Computation and Information From Theory to Experiment
H. Imai, M. Hayashi (Eds.), Springer, 2006.
Quantum Information An Introduction
M. Hayashi, Springer, 2006
Invited Talk
Dr. Akihisa Tomita 8th Asian Conference on Quantum Information Science (AQIS 2008), KIAS, Seoul, Korea, Aug. 25-31, 2008
Prof. Hiroshi Imai CoSS 組合せ最適化セミナー, 京都大学数理解析研究所, Jul. 28-30, 2008
Dr. Akihisa Tomita The Information Security in a Quantum World (IQC) summer school, Waterloo, Canada, Aug. 7-11, 2008
Dr. Akihisa Tomita Telcordia Quantum Key Distribution Workshop, Piscataway, N.J., USA, Mar.3, 2008
Dr. Akihisa Tomita 20th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-optics Society, Lake Buena Vista, Fl., USA, Oct. 21-25, 2007
Dr. Akihisa Tomita Quantum Communications Realized, Optics East 2007, Boston, Sep. 9-12, 2007
Dr. Akihisa Tomita Theory and Realisation of Practical Quantum Key Distribution, Waterloo, Canada, Jun. 11-14, 2007
Dr. Masahito Hayashi APWQIS: Forth Asia Pacific Workshop & Third Asia Pacific Conference on Quantum Information Science, Singapore, July. 30-Aug. 2, 2007
Dr. Masahito Hayashi 2007 KIAS-KAIST Workshop on Quantum Information Science, Soeul, Korea, June 25-27, 2007
Dr. Akihisa Tomita The DAMOP/DAMP Joint Meeting, Calgary, Canada, Jun. 5-9, 2007
Dr. Akihisa Tomita 2006 US-Japan Workshop on Quantum Information Science in Hawaii, Hawaii, U.S.akihisa, Oct. 16-20, 2006
Prof. Hiroshi Imai Polyhedral Computation Combinatorial Oprimization Theme Semester, Centre de recherches mathematiques, Montreal, Canada, Oct. 17-20, 2006
Dr. Masahito Hayashi; Dr. Akihisa Tomita; Dr. Keiji Matsumoto FOCUS MEETING: Quantum Process Estimation, Budmerice, Slovakia, Sep. 27- Oct. 1, 2006
Dr. Akihisa Tomita Asian Conference on Quantum Information Science 2006, Peking, China, Sep.1-4, 2006
Dr. Akihisa Tomita 15th International Laser Physics workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 24-28, 2006
Dr. Masahito Hayashi A conference on Quantum Statistics, Information and Control, Nottingham University, England, July 15-19, 2006
Dr. Masahito Hayashi 15th International Laser Physics workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 24-28, 2006
Dr. Akihisa Tomita Towards Quantum Standard, London, England, May 25-26, 2006
Dr. Keiji Matsumoto Quantum 2006: V workshop ad memoriam of Carlo Novero Advances in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information with atoms and photons, Turin, Italy, May 2-5 2006
Dr. Keiji Matsumoto 50 Years Later Conference on Stochastics in Science in Honor of Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Guanajuato, Mexico, Mar. 20-24, 2006
November 10, 2008:
Dr. Min-Swiu Hsieh joined the project as a researcher.
October 18, 2008:
Dr. Francesco Buscemi moved to Statistical Laboratory, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University
January 31 2008:
Dr. Yun-Kun Jiang moved to College of Physics and Information Engineering, Fuzhou University
August 2007:
Dr. Masahito Hayashi moved to Division of Mathematics, Graduate School of Information, Sciences, Tohoku University
May 31, 2006:
Dr. Xiang-Bin Wang moved to Department of Physics, Tsinghua University,
Beijing, Chaina from our project.
May 12, 2006:
Dr. Francesco Buscemi joined the project as a researcher.
April 1, 2006:
Dr. Francois Le Gall joined the project as a researcher.
Mr. Yuta Okubo jointed the project as a research assistant in Tsukuba Office.
April 1, 2006:
ERATO QCI Project ended on March 31, 2006.
From April 1, 2006, ERATO-SORST QCI Project extends its research activities
with Tokyo and Tsukuba Offices.

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