Japan Science and Technology Agency ERATO-SORST
Quantum Computation and Information Project
Solution Oriented Research for Science and Technology

The 3rd ERATO-SORST Quantum Computation and Information Project Workshop
Date: February 28th(Mon) 14:00-17:00 & March 1st(Tues) 9:30-17:00
Place: Sanjo-Kaikan, Basement 001 conference room, The University of Tokyo
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Quantum Computation and Information Project: Overview
Quantum Algorithms for Group Theoretic Problems
Quantum Leader Election
Entanglement and Quantum Interactive Proofs
Experimental Decoy State Quantum Key Distribution with Unconditional Security Incorporating Finite Statistics
Development of Photon Detector and Demonstration of Quantum Receiver
  January 17th, 2007
JST and NEC Realize Secure Quantum Key Distribution with Quantitative Assurance under Actual Operating Environment
New Book Released
Quantum Computation and Information From Theory to Experiment
H. Imai, M. Hayashi (Eds.), Springer, 2006.
Quantum Information An Introduction
M. Hayashi, Springer, 2006
Our video of explaining our research achievements in the ERATO Project
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